Shot #41 - Gastronomista

Emily Arden Wells wasn’t expecting to start a cocktail blog. In fact Gastronomista was a food blog that she started with another friend while living in New York City. But over time she ended up running the blog on her own, making the transition into the world of cocktails, and at the beginning of this year moved back to Colorado where she originally grew up. During this interview Emily shares where the name Gastronomista came from, some of her boozy adventures around the world, and how she goes about making her own drinks, like this Artichoke Negroni. I hope that you enjoy listening to her stories as much as I did, cheers!

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Shot #40 - Root Bitters

Richard Allison is a bar manager in Los Angeles and the founder of Root Bitters. In this episode he shares how he got into the world of bartending and how he founded Root Bitters. But the story that really resonated with me, and the one that I think you’ll take the most away from, is Richard’s story of a motorcycle accident that he was in a few years ago. It’s part of how he got started with experimenting with bitter and ultimately making them on a more consistent basis. I hope that you guys enjoy this one, thanks for listening!

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Root Bitters Instagram: @rootbitters

Shot #39 - PourTaste

PourTaste founders Jon & Lindsay Yeager are involved in what seems like an endless number of projects. Over the years they've started an app, a cocktail festival, a consultancy and a podcast. Jon also has a beer cocktail recipe book coming out in October call “The Beer Tales Bible.” On this episode I talk with Jon about how he got started as a bartender and then moved to consulting, his move to Nashville, how he met Lindsay and more. Hope you enjoy, cheers!

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PourTaste Instagram: @pourtaste

Shot #37 - Bit by a Fox

Bit by a Fox is a cocktail blog run by Prairie Rose. Prairie was the winner of Saveur Magazine’s Best Cocktail Blog in 2014, and she’s been killing it ever since. A couple years ago she moved from New York to Los Angeles, and in addition to talking about that move we also discussed how she got into the cocktail scene, where the name Bit by a Fox comes from, and her upcoming podcast.

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