Shot #69 - Aaron Polsky

On this episode I had a chance to speak with Aaron Polsky, current bar manager of Harvard and Stone. Aaron’s been in LA for a few years now, and in addition to talking about his transition from New York City to Los Angeles, we also talked about how he got started in the industry, working hard, and the transition he had from fine dining to a more casual atmosphere, while still putting out some kickass cocktails. Cheers folks, hope you enjoy.

Aaron’s Instagram: @aaronpolsky

Harvard and Stone Instagram: @harvardandstone

Harvard and Stone Website:

Shot #68 - Shaker and Spoon

This episode is with Mike and Anna of Shaker and Spoon, which is a monthly cocktail subscription box. The cocktails are being created by bartenders all over the country. In the box you get enough to make 3 different cocktails 4 times, for 12 drinks total. Mike and Anna got started back in 2015 and they’ve been at it ever since then. I had a great time getting hear about how Shaker and Spoon came to be, how they got it off the ground, and where it’s headed. Hope you all enjoy, cheers.

Shaker and Spoon Website:

Shaker and Spoon Instagram: @shakerandspoon

Shot #67 - Parker's Passion

Robert Parker is the founder of the Wine Advocate, a newsletter that got started in August of 1978, when newsletter were more prominent then they are today. There’s a lot that you can say about the newsletter itself and the impact that it had on the wine industry. You can find people that talk about the good Parker did for raising awareness about wine in the US, and you can find plenty of people who will criticizes him, and I’ll talk about some of those criticisms. But I wanted to look at this more from a business perspective about what Robert Parker was able to pull off. Because in a pre-internet, pre-Instagram, pre-blogging era, before all of that, Parker pulled off what in today’s terms I think most people would call a side hustle. And he turned this side project into a full time career. I don’t care if it’s 1970, 2018, or 2100, if you can find a way to get paid, to do what you want, what you love to do, that pretty awesome. And that’s the part of Parker’s story that I want to look at.

Image of Alsace, France here

Shot #65 - Josue Romero @the_garnishguy

On this episode I’m talking about taking a break from high school class to grab a beer, calling your Mom to say that you’re leaving a 9 to 5 job, garnishes, glassware, and more with Josue Romero. You can find Josue @the_garnishguy, and he also works at Odd Birds down in St. Augustine, Florida. Hope you all enjoy, cheers folks.

Josue’s IG: @the_garnishguy

Odd Birds Website:

Shot #64 - Hannah Chamberlain @spiritedla

On this episode I’m speaking with Hannah Chamberlain, who runs a blog called Spirited LA. During our conversation we cover everything from her time at Buzzfeed, moving out to California, historical drinkers like Peter the Great, photography, film, and I show how big of a nerd I am. You can check out Hannah on Instagram @spiritedla. I hope you all enjoy, cheers.

Hannah’s IG: @spiritedla

Hannah’s Website:

Shot #63 - Jason Yu - @jasonfyu

On this episode I’m speaking with Jason Yu, who is a bartender in Southern California. I started seeing Jason pop up on Instagram, and he’s done a few projects with characters like Josh Suchan and Richard Allison, both of whom have been on the show, and I wanted to learn a bit more about his story. We discuss how he got started as a bartender and his first job at a restaurant, photography, archery, and surprisingly, I got a new outlook on golf. Hope you enjoy folks, cheers.

Jason’s Instagram: @jasonfyu

Shot #61 - Maggie Hoffman

If you have a moment, Maggie and I would greatly appreciate you leaving an Amazon review for her new book, "The One Bottle Cocktail". I’ve linked to the book below.

As for the interview itself, Maggie and I talked about her time growing up in Portland, why she choose to go to Princeton, which is probably not something that you’d guess, her first job out of college, and the process of writing a book, which for this one, only took her 12 weeks. I hope you all enjoy, cheers folks.

The One Bottle Cocktail link HERE

Maggie’s Instagram: @maggiejhoffman