Shot #98 - Sother Teague

Sother Teague is the Beverage Director of Amor y Amargo, partner at Blue Quarter and Windmill, co-host of “The Speakeasy” on Heritage Radio Network, and author of "I'm Just Here For The Drinks." We spoke about his start cooking eggs at a Waffle House, how he made his transition to the front of the house, and building bars in smaller spaces. Enjoy folks, cheers!

Sother’s IG: @creativedrunk

Shot #97 - Tim Etherington-Judge, Healthy Hospo Co-Founder

Tim Etherington-Judge has had an amazing career in this industry. We discuss his time working abroad, working as the Global Brand Ambassador for Bulleit Bourbon, and his new company, Healthy Hopso. Tim is releasing his own brand, Avallen Calvados, which is planned to arrive in the US in early 2020. Tim will also be running 42 marathons in 42 days for his 42nd birthday, the first one is happening at Tales of the Cocktail this year.

Hope you all enjoy this one, cheers folks!

Tim’s IG: @gingerbitters

Avallen Spirits:

Shot #94 - Amanda Colom, @bad_birdy

Amanda Colom, more commonly known on Instagram as @bad_birdy, is the Global Cocktail Creative for ABL and currently works at The House of Machines in Los Angeles. We spoke about her Instagram presence and the impact it’s had on her career, how she got started behind the bar, what’s coming up for her and the House of Machines. Appreciate the support everyone, cheers!

Amanda’s Instagram: @bad_birdy

House of the Machines:

Shot #93 - Ashley Erwin w/ Angel's Envy

Ashley is a Whiskey Guardian for Angel’s Envy in Los Angeles. We talk about her growing up in the South, the differences between Atlanta & LA, and history of Angel’s Envy. Ashley was also kind enough to bring over some tasty product for us to try, and we talk about where you can get your hands on them as well. Hope you enjoy folks, cheers!

Ashley’s Instagram: @bonfirebooze

Ashley’s Website:

Shot #90 - Tullamore Tim

Tim Herlihy is a brand ambassador for Tullamore Dew. A true Irishman, Tim and I spoke about his story growing up in Ireland, his transition to the US, the history of Irish whiskey, and his new book, “From Barley to Blarney: A Whiskey Lover’s Guide to Ireland” which is available for pre-order now. Hope everyone has a fantastic St. Patrick’s Day, cheers folks!

Tim’s Instagram: @tullamoretim

The Book:

Shot #89 - Drnxmyth co-founder Lawrence Cisneros

Lawrence and I discuss how this company got started and some of the challenges in bottling a craft cocktail. We touched on everything from the rectifier’s license they have, the food science on how they’re keeping citrus juice fresh longer, and the unique bottle they have to package it all together. Lawrence also shares a bit about his own story and how he got to this point. Enjoy folks!

Drnxmyth Website:

Drnxmyth IG: @drnxmyth