Shot #50 - Ivy Mix

If you’re not familiar with who Ivy is, here’s a few of her accomplishments:

-In 2015, Ivy was named the bartender of the year at Tales of the Cocktail, which is an annual conference for the spirits industry

-She’s currently the owner of Leyenda, which Travel Magazine named one of the top 10 cocktail bars in Brooklyn

-She’s the co-founder of Speed Rack, an all female speed bartending competition, that has raised over $700,000 for breast cancer research

In short, she’s a badass.

ALSO: Leyenda is having a winter pop-up called Slayenda, which Ivy described as half Christmas, half Beyonce, which is starting next week, November 29th through Christmas. Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving, cheers folks!

Lyeneada’s Website:

Ivy Mix Instagram: @ivymix

Shot #49 - Twoforthebar

On this episode I’m speaking with Talia Kleinplatz, who started the cocktail blog Twoforthebar. Like me, Talia had a transformative experience at a bar that changed her relationship with booze forever, and her story was a fascinating one to hear. Talia also had a really great perspective on how the combination of her blog and her day job are working together to challenge her in some different ways, I thought that was a really interesting insight and one that I don’t think I’ve heard before on the show.

We also talked about her first time drinking, drinking culture growing up, her prior writing experience, why she got started as a social worker, and more. Hope you all all enjoy, cheers folks!

Twoforthebar Website:

Twoforthebar Instagram: @twoforthebar

Shot #48 - Ritual and Craft

Chelsea created the blog and Instagram account Ritual and Craft. Because she's based out of Salt Lake City, I had a chance to meet Chelsea and have this interview in person before I left, which makes this the first face to face interview I’ve had for the show.

Chelsea and I talked about everything from the Salt Lake foodie scene and the start of the craft cocktail movement in Utah, some of the quirky Utah laws around liquor, including things like the Zion Current, her experience growing up in a Mormon family, tattoos, favorite author and poets, and first trips to New York City.

I had a great time talking with Chelsea, and I hope you all enjoy. Cheers folks.

Ritual and Craft Website:

Ritual and Craft Instagram: @ritualandcraft


Shot #47 - Avua Cachaça

This episode is an interview with Nate Whitehouse, one of the co-founders of Avua Cachaça. Cachaça is a Brazilian spirit that’s made from sugarcane, and it’s actually the oldest spirit that we know of from the Western Hemisphere. Nate and I dive into this and several other aspects that make Cachaça truly unique. Nate and I also talked about his personal story, from how he found out of about Cachaça, his trips to Brazil, and his story before he got involved with this spirit, and that ranges everywhere from the human genome project to law school.

Hope you all enjoy this one, cheers!

Avua Cachaça Website:

Avua Cachaça Instagram: @avuacachaca

Shot #46 - Great Drams

Greg Dillon runs the blog Great Drams, which explores the world of whisky. He also has a recently published book, The Great Drams of Scotland, which we talk about towards the end of our conversation. I have to say that Greg knows a lot about the US and American culture, and has seen more of the country then many Americans I know. We also talk about Greg’s work as a brand strategist, how he got started with his blog, and the philosophy that he had behind all of his content.

Also, if you order Greg’s book from the link below, he will send you a signed copy. I had a great time speaking with Greg, and I’m confident that this is one you’ll all enjoy. Cheers!

Great Drams Website:

Great Drams Book:

Great Drams Instagram: @greatdramsgreg

Shot #45 - Reviver of Corpses

A cocktail used to be something that you had in the morning. But if you did drink too much at night, you might need something to help you ease into the day. This is where the corpse reviver name comes from, and the cocktail we enjoy today was popularized by the great Harry Craddock in his 1930 “The Savoy Cocktail Book”. This is a short history of the Corpse Reviver No. 2, a delicious drink for anytime of the year. Happy Halloween everyone, cheers!

Shot #44 - Cocktails of Copenhagen

Thomas Andersen is the man behind Cocktails of Copenhagen, which this year was a finalist for Saveur’s Best Drinks Blog category. We talk about how he got started with Cocktails of Copenhagen, and the medium that he originally saw for this project. I also got to dive to Thomas life, discussing everything from how he landed his first gig as a bartender to his current day job, helping  entrepreneurs and researchers connect and work on product development.

We also talk about Aqua Vita, Denmark's national spirit, and I’ve linked to Thomas free E-book on the topic below. I had an awesome time talking with Thomas, and hope that you all enjoy. Cheers!

Cocktails of Copenhagen Instagram: @cocktailsofcopenhagen

Cocktails of Copenhagen Website:

Aqua Vita E-Book:

Shot #43 - Drinking with Chickens

Kate Richards has one of the most original Instagram accounts out there. Drinking with Chickens beautifully combines her chickens, her backyard, and her sarcastic personality into an account that is truly one of a kind. During this interview Kate not only shares about her experience with the chickens, but also all of the other animals that she currently has. We also talked about the metal artwork that she does, which I’ve linked to below. And of course we got into how Drinking with Chickens got started, which is an awesome story all on it’s own.

I hope that you all enjoy this one as much as I did, and a big thank you to Kate for coming on the show. Cheers!

Drinking with Chickens Instagram: @drinkingwithchickens

Drinking with Chickens Website:

Kate’s Metal Artwork:

Shot #42 - RedHead Wines

Marisa Sergi is the CEO and Founder of RedHead Wines. Currently only 23, Marisa’s brand is quickly expanding across the country. We got to focus on some more entrepreneurial topics in addition to the story of how she got started with RedHead Wines. Marisa is a 3rd generation winemaker, and her passion for making great wine was apparent throughout our conversation. Hope that you all enjoy, cheers!

RedHead Website:

RedHead Instagram:

Shot #41 - Gastronomista

Emily Arden Wells wasn’t expecting to start a cocktail blog. In fact Gastronomista was a food blog that she started with another friend while living in New York City. But over time she ended up running the blog on her own, making the transition into the world of cocktails, and at the beginning of this year moved back to Colorado where she originally grew up. During this interview Emily shares where the name Gastronomista came from, some of her boozy adventures around the world, and how she goes about making her own drinks, like this Artichoke Negroni. I hope that you enjoy listening to her stories as much as I did, cheers!

Gastronomista Website:

Gastronomista Instagram: @gastronomista_