Shot #77 - Jenna, @whiskyagogirl

For this episode I had a chance to talk and drink with Jenna, @whiskyagogirl. Jenna is a brand ambassador for the Scotch Malt Whiskey Society. She was kind enough to offer three different whiskies, which we tasted towards the end of the episode. Before that we dove into her story, the influence that music had on her life, how she got started on Instagram and interested in whisky. I hope you enjoy, cheers folks!

Jenna’s Instagram:@whiskyagogirl

The Scotch Malt Whisky Society:

Shot #76 - Gina Ruccione

Gina Ruccione is a former contestant on MasterChef, co-founder of the Wandering Whiskey Society, food writer, pop up dinner host, and genuine fun human being. This is much more of a free flowing conversation than most of the episodes to date and only the second episode I’ve recorded face to face. I hope you all enjoy, cheers.

Gina Ruccione:

Gina’s Instagram: @ginaruccione

Wandering Whiskey Society:

Stage + Table:

Shot #75 - Camper English

For this episode I had to chance to connect with Camper English. Camper has written a book on the history of the gin and tonic, Tonic Water AKA G&T WTF, and is also known for his work on creating clear ice using directional freezing. We dive into Spanish G&T culture, directional freezing, San Francisco, and judging cocktail competitions. Hope you all enjoy, cheers folks.


Camper’s Book: Tonic Water AKA G&T WTF

Camper’s Instagram: @alcademics

Shot #73 - Karl Steuck, @spiritandspoon

For this episode I had a chance to speak with Karl Steuck. I found out about Karl towards the end of last year when he was working for Loft and Bear, a vodka that’s made locally here in LA. While he recently left that position he’s still doing a bunch of interesting work, some of which we dive into. We also discuss how he got started in the industry, moving to LA, consulting and how those opportunities have come about, a few other things that I don’t want to spoil. I hope that you all enjoy, cheers folks.

Karl’s Instagram: @spiritandspoon

Karl’s Website:

Shot #72 - Ashely Rose @craftandcocktails

For this episode I had a chance to speak with Ashley Rose of Craft and Cocktails. Ashley is currently based out of San Francisco, but we had a chance to talk about where she’s originally from and her transition to the West Coast. We also talked about her book, The Art of the Bar Cart. Ashley book deal process was a bit of an unusually one, but there’s still a lot of interesting insights that she has for anyone who’s interested in publishing a book. We also spoke about photography and Instagram, connecting with people in the industry, and what she has coming up. I hope you all enjoy, cheers.

Craft and Cocktails Website:

Craft and Cocktails Instagram: @craftandcocktails

The Art of the Bar Cart: HERE

Shot #71 - Thomas Jefferson & The White House Wine Cellar

On this episode we’re looking at the story of the White House wine cellar, where it came from, who originally built it, and its current size. This is also a story about Thomas Jefferson, his passion for wine & the original cellar that he built. I also talk a bit about his life and his accomplishments, just to give some context for his story. I hope you all enjoy, cheers.

Shots of History Instagram: @shotsofhistorypodcast

Shot #69 - Aaron Polsky

On this episode I had a chance to speak with Aaron Polsky, current bar manager of Harvard and Stone. Aaron’s been in LA for a few years now, and in addition to talking about his transition from New York City to Los Angeles, we also talked about how he got started in the industry, working hard, and the transition he had from fine dining to a more casual atmosphere, while still putting out some kickass cocktails. Cheers folks, hope you enjoy.

Aaron’s Instagram: @aaronpolsky

Harvard and Stone Instagram: @harvardandstone

Harvard and Stone Website:

Shot #68 - Shaker and Spoon

This episode is with Mike and Anna of Shaker and Spoon, which is a monthly cocktail subscription box. The cocktails are being created by bartenders all over the country. In the box you get enough to make 3 different cocktails 4 times, for 12 drinks total. Mike and Anna got started back in 2015 and they’ve been at it ever since then. I had a great time getting hear about how Shaker and Spoon came to be, how they got it off the ground, and where it’s headed. Hope you all enjoy, cheers.

Shaker and Spoon Website:

Shaker and Spoon Instagram: @shakerandspoon